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As Canadians we often speak of our wilderness areas and the treasures they contain. The area most often referred to is the Boreal Forest, boreal meaning northern. This great northern forest, a land moulded by the ice of the glaciers, occupies more than a third of Canada. Its countless lakes, streams, ponds and individual forests of pine, fir, spruce, aspen and white birch are the ancient home of a large variety of mammal and bird life. Visions of the past include American Indians and voyageurs who lived off the bounty of this land and created many of the travelled routes we still use today.

Waterfowl at Sunset

In the Northwestern corner of Ontario, almost in the geographical centre of Canada lies the Lake of the Woods. This magnificent lake created by the glaciers and originally part of a huge lake which covered much of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba after the glaciers retreated, 385,000 hectares, over 14,000 Islands and 104,000 km of shoreline is the meeting place of three distinct ecosystems. To the north the boreal forest - the west side is the Manitoba lowlands which quickly give way to the great plains of North America - to the southeast the West Great Lakes Precambrian Region which is known for its white and red pine forests and rugged granite outcroppings.

This unique location is the home of the Boreal Forest Outdoor Adventures. This intriguing mixture of landscapes has created one of the most diverse ecological areas in Canada. We explore this magical land by boat, float plane, canoe, kayak and hiking. Along the way we meet many of Mother Natures creatures - the magnificent Bull Moose, Black Bear, Timber Wolf, Bald Eagle, White Pelican, Woodduck, Beaver, Pine Marten, Whitetail Deer, and the list goes on. We also meet the ancestors of the regions first human habitants - the First Nations Peoples or as they were originally called, American Indians.


Our Commitment to our Customers

Our adventures take you on the trails less travelled. We respect and preserve nature and leave as little footprint on the land as we possibly can.

We specialize in small groups of 2 to 12 persons who enjoy the Great Outdoors.

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