Company History

Company History

The Skies are Amazing
Moose at the Water's Edge

Boreal Forest Outdoor Adventures has its roots dating back to the early 1920s when Kendall Hanson, one of the regions pioneer canoe outfitters, explored this vast land of lakes with his brothers, guides and guests well before roads and float planes came into the area.Wilderness RetreatMoose in the Marsh

Many of the canoe routes, trails and one outpost from this time period still are used today and the third and fourth generation of Hansons feel the same pull of the land and the need to be on it to enjoy its treasures, while leaving as little footprint as possible.

We still paddle many of the small lakes and streams that were travelled in the 1920’s. The moose still feed on lily pad roots and greases along these water systems. The timber wolf still howls in the forest. Bald eagles watch from above and the ancestors of the early Indian guides still call this land home.

This land, formed by fire and then ice long ago, is now a patchwork of rock, forest and water, as diverse as the many peoples who have passed this way over the centuries. A strong commitment to conservation and the environment is a policy we have promoted for four generations and continue to do so with our staff, suppliers and customers.

"Our commitment to our customers" – Our adventures take you on the trails less travelled. We respect and preserve nature and leave as little footprint on the land as we possibly can.

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