Birding Sampler

Birding Sampler

The Skies are Amazing

Moose at the Water's Edge

3 days / 4 nightsLake of the Woods Birding Sampler

Based at our King Island Lodge, this package is available throughout the season. However, best times are generally migration spring and fall – May 15th to June 7th and September 1st to September 30th.

White Pelicans on Lake of the Woods

Package includes a guide/interpreter your first full day who will show you viewing areas, trails, eagle's nests and boat routes. You can add to this trip and make it fully guided.

Standing guard
Walking on Water
Your package includes a complimentary map, as well as map orientation and canoe/kayak orientation the day you arrive. All meals are provided, as well as a boat with electric start motor on days you are on your own.

Please contact us for a full trip itinerary and/or trip specifics or customized packaging.


Party of 2
Party of 3 - 5
$1,005.00 Canadian per person
$875.00 Canadian per person

Additional days may be added to your package at the following cost:
Party of 2 (per day, per person)
Party of 3 - 5 (per day, per person)
$270.00 CDN
$240.00 CDN
$360.00 CDN
$300.00 CDN


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