Forest in the Fall

Forest in the Fall

The Skies are Amazing
Moose at the Water's Edge

4 days / 4 nights

Boreal Forest Fall Wildlife Encounter

One of our most unique adventures – we take you to one of the highest concentration of moose in Canada. You learn all about them as well as the wolves who often hunt them.

Coyote Encounter in the Wild

Moose Calves at NightGeese Flying at Sunset

This is an all inclusive package based at one of our remote fly-in outpost cabins. Experience hiking, kayaking, wildlife viewing & track identification, photography and search the woods for shed antlers of moose and deer. Enjoy home-made local cuisine, including fresh caught fish cooked on shore. Participate in calling to moose and wolves.

First rate accommodation, and experienced guide/interpreter will lead you through your stay. Paddle and view the large marshes and ponds for moose, bear and deer. View eagles following migrating ducks and geese,Red Fox and Fall Splendour as well as other birds of prey. Participate in moose calling during the early stages of the moose breeding season. Large bulls are aggressively roaming the woods vocalizing to the cows. Evening and night wolf howling sessions take place, as wolves are starting to form packs at the end of the summer and their lilting songs are mesmerizing.

This package is available August 15th to October 2nd.


Party of 2, per person
Party of 3 – 5, per person
$1,920.00 CDN
$1,615.00 CDN

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