First Nations Sampler

First Nations Sampler

The Skies are Amazing
Moose at the Water's Edge

4 days / 4 nights

First Nations Cultural Sampler

This trip gives you a true taste of our area First Nations History and culture. It also takes you to where they lived on the lake and explains their connection to the land and animals that they depended on for survival.
Crow Lake Waterfall

The overnight stay at KayNahChiWahNung is a must. Your guide/interpreter leads you through three days on Lake of the Woods. Many of your meals are traditional foods of the Ojibwa tribe. A trip to area pictographs gives you a sense of this magnificent body of water.


Party of 2, per person
Party of 3 – 5, per person
$1,520.00 CDN
$1,270.00 CDN

Additional days may be added to your package at the following cost:
Party of 2 (per day, per person)
Party of 3 - 5 (per day, per person)
$270.00 CDN
$240.00 CDN
$360.00 CDN
$300.00 CDN

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