The Skies are Amazing
Moose at the Water's Edge
Grey Owl on the Wing in Winter medium

Winter Adventures in Northwest Ontario

Early November our area lakes start to freeze and snow and ice cover the land for five months. We travel the frozen lakes by snowmobile and access many areas that are often very difficult to see in the open water seasons.

By snowmobile, snowshoes and sometimes cross country skiis, we read the messages left in the snow by wolf packs, moose, whitetail deer, foxes, rabbits, owls, partridge and several other bird and fur bearing animals. While most birds have left and several animals hibernate, we still see many of the forests creatures, and are able to study their winter homes and habits.

The timber wolves have formed packs by late fall and in winter they hunt together. They teach their young and by late winter are breeding. This is one of the best times to have them respond to wolf howls.

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are also at their peak. Often the night skies are full of colour and movement as they dance across the northern sky.

The second week of February is the start to our winter adventures. By then the days are starting to lengthen and the temperatures moderating to some extent.

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